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Clay Paint Collection

Made from natural clay and earth-based materials, clay paint is renowned for its elegant matte finish akin to premium silk. The paint's thick, creamy consistency eliminates the need for a primer, ensuring smooth application with reduced brush marks. With exceptional coverage and minimal prep work, home décor crafts and furniture projects often need just one to two coats.

This premium clay paint is both beautiful and dependable, providing water resistance and long-lasting durability in high-traffic areas. Visit our Polyvine collection of varnishes for the ultimate in protection. 

Browse our clay paint collection and find an expansive color range featuring over 39 vibrant shades. These stunning colors not only shine on their own but also blend seamlessly for custom hues. Ideal for both craft and furniture makeovers, Mudpaint is your go-to choice for high-quality, effortless painting. 


Clay Paint Collection
Dark brown Walnut Clay paint by Mudpaint. Colored paint in 4 oz jar
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Clay Paint - Walnut
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