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Dixie Belle - Slick Stick

8 oz.

Dixie Belle Slick Stick 

Your first paint layer for glossy and Slippery Surfaces!

Introducing Slick Stick, the unrivaled solution for conquering the challenge of painting glossy and slippery surfaces. From PVC and glass to Formica, laminate, and metal, achieve impeccable and long-lasting results on even the most challenging materials.

Ideal for painting laminate furniture, including popular brands like IKEA, Slick Stick provides a comprehensive approach.

Application: Begin by cleaning the piece with White Lightning Cleaner. Next, apply a coat of Slick Stick, allowing it to dry for 2-3 hours, then follow up with a second coat and let it dry overnight. Next, add the paint color of your choice. 

Witness the transformative power of Slick Stick as it effortlessly revitalizes your laminate furniture, providing a flawless finish that lasts. With Slick Stick's problem-solving prowess, confidently tackle any project and enjoy a seamless painting experience like never before.