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Happy Easter Script - Wood Shape 12"

$8.99 $10.99
MDF Shape

Happy Easter Script - Wood Shape 12"

These beautiful MDF wood craft shapes are perfect for artistic painting and decoupage. They are made of high-quality cabinet grade materials. These wooden cut outs are designed to hold paint well and are easy to work with. There is little if any sanding required.

• 1/4 inch thick
• Moisture Resistant wood

Craft ideas:
Use your imagination to decorate these beautiful wooden craft cut outs. Embellish them with pieces of our decoupage napkins, rice papers, transfers or scrapbooking papers. Simply apply with mod podge or similar glue and sand or file off any excess paper around the edges.
Use stamps or stencils to add patterns and lettering. Add a touch of paint, glitter, sequins, foils or flowers from our paper flower collection. Some shapes have areas where you can write words. Chalk paint works great for this!
Then, if you ever want to change out your design, it’s easy enough to sand off the old décor and start fresh! Your wood shape will last for years to come. Hand crafted wood art makes great gifts, wall hangings and seasonal home decor.

Manufactured in the USA

What is MDF?
MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. It is a heavier, engineered wood made from pressed wood fiber, and resins. MDF is used as a real wood alternative. It has a super smooth finish and is easier to paint and seal because it does not contain voids, splinters, texture, or knots. This makes it ideal for crafting. It is heavy weight and durable. MDF does not accept a wood-stain finish. Once decorated, it is best to cover your project’s surface and edges with varnish.