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Tear Resistant Redesign with Prima Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper - Tarnished Parts 19"x30"

19"x30"Tissue Paper

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ReDesign with Prima - Decoupage Décor Tissue Paper – 19”x30”

You’ll love this jumbo size tear Resistant Redesign with Prima Decoupage Tissue Paper. This large 19"x30" longer length size is perfect for Furniture Upcycle projects. It has a fibrous texture and finishes with bright and vibrant colors. Simply cut to size. Perfect for home décor crafts, big and small.

When you hear the term “tissue paper” you tend to think of the thin paper that goes into a gift bag or shirt box. This is nothing like that and is quite the opposite! It has a somewhat fabric like feel. It is easy to reposition and very enjoyable to work with.

Enjoy watching this (8 minute) How-To Video for working with this Decor Tissue Paper.