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Christmas Napkins

This collection contains beautiful decoupage paper napkins for your Christmas holiday season. They can be used for Decoupage Art, Mixed Media Art, Furniture upcycle, Scrapbooking and more.

Perfect for creating that special Christmas Decor! These Christmas Napkins also make a great addition to your holiday dinner table.

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Holiday Christmas Decoupage Napkins
Santa sitting in a chair by a fireplace being kissed by 2 children on the cheeks with bag full fo presents Decoupage Napkins
Gold bells with sliver and white blossoms on pine sprigs on gray  Decoupage Napkins
Gold bells with silver and white blossoms with pine spring on maroon Decoupage Napkins
gold and white Christmas ornaments baubles with gold designss on red Decoupage Napkins
silver leaves and poinsettia patterns on whtie Decoupage Napkins
Gold Ho Ho Ho with gold snowflakes on whtie  Decoupage Napkins
red and white Christmas baubles with white presents with red stars and red and white gingham ribbon Decoupage Napkins
Santa putting the rocking horse under the Christmas tree Decoupage Napkins
Silver pattern on white Decoupage Napkins
red house door decorated for Christmas  with red sled holding christmas presents  Decoupage Napkins
gold star and snowflake patterns with gold swrills  Decoupage Napkins
Gingerbread cookies with pine twigs and cones on cream Decoupage Napkins
PIne cones with red berries and red and white candy cane  Decoupage Napkins
Gold candles with gold christmas bauble with white lace Decoupage Napkins
red apples with red candles and white wood deer pine and cones on white Decoupage Napkins
pine sprigs with cones on gold with white snowflakes Decoupage Napkins
christmas baubles brown and green on white Decoupage Napkins
christmas trees of white and green with red balls and gold stars yellow moon and white snowman on green with snowflakes in white Decoupage Napkins
christmas baubles in gold and black gold deer and gold and black mittens the the string spelling Christmas  Decoupage Napkins
Santa with Present hugging a snowman on blue with gold stars Decoupage Napkins
pine garland frame with silver twig bells and red lights on knit Decoupage Napkins
blue gold and green christmas bauble round decoupage Napkins
green floral frame round decoupage napkins
red poinsettia with holly branch frame Round Decoupage Napkins
red berries and green leaves on cream Round   Decoupage Napkins
christmas Poinsettia with white blossoms round   Decoupage Napkins
Gold embossed Elegance Ambiente paper napkin for decoupage with rows of small scalloped fan design.
2 red cardinals on green pine wreath with red berries in watercolor Decoupage napkins
white snowflakes on taupe Decoupage napkins
small christmas tree with grey mice decorating in white snow Decoupage napkins
red house in winter landscape with white snow green evergreen trees and deer Decoupage napkins
white polar bear with holly wreath tiara in white snow Decoupage napkins
grey mouse in red socks and red cap holding gold bunny in white snow filed Decoupage napkins
2 white bearded gnomes with red and gray and white hat sitting on holly and pine garland with lantern and robin in snow Decoupage napkins
Red fox curled up sleeping with flower Tiera on white with holly springs and red berries Decoupage napkins
2 white geese with ribbon and wreath bowties on white snow Decoupage napkins
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