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White Dresser with Magnolia flower furniture transfers

From Old to Extraordinary: Your Top 5 Questions About Upcycling Furniture Ideas Answered

At DecoupageNapkins.com, we deeply appreciate the beauty of upcycled furniture and the potential it holds for remarkable transformations. With accessible DIY techniques and our diverse range of supplies, including furniture transfers and decoupage tissue paper, you can breathe new life into your furniture and create captivating home décor pieces. Whether you're an experienced upcycler or just starting out, we're here to provide guidance and support on your creative journey.

To assist you, we've compiled a list of the top 5 frequently asked questions, offering practical insights and helpful advice. Our goal is to help you unleash your inner artist and turn old furniture into stunning works of art that bring joy to your home. Join us on this exciting adventure and let's make some furniture magic happen at DecoupageNapkins.com!

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Bunnies and duck patterns in handmade greeting cards made with decoupage napkins.

Homemade Greeting Cards made with Decoupage Napkins

Our Customer Evelyn H contributed these lovely photographs of the many handmade greeting cards she has made with our decoupage napkins. They are quite a hit a church events. The quality really shows and there is nothing better than receiving a homemade card crafted with love and care. 
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How to Choose the Perfect Decoupage Paper for Your Project

How to Choose the Perfect Decoupage Paper for Your Project

Decoupage is a centuries-old crafting technique that involves gluing paper cutouts onto an object's surface. Choosing the right paper is crucial for a successful project. Large tissue paper, rice paper, rub-on transfers, decorative napkins, scrapbook paper, and embellishments are popular choices for different decoupage projects.
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