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This stunning collection of Winter decoupage napkins will get you in the mood for hot chocolate and sleigh rides. Beautiful colors and whimsical designs by top European napkin manufacturers. This collection contains winter scenes along with holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years.

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Winter Decoupage Napkins
2 red cardinals on green pine wreath with red berries in watercolor Decoupage napkins
christmas ornament with red chested robin on pine sprig with red berries Decoupage napkins
white snowflakes on taupe Decoupage napkins
white snowflake on black Decoupage napkins
small christmas tree with grey mice decorating in white snow Decoupage napkins
red house in winter landscape with white snow green evergreen trees and deer Decoupage napkins
white polar bear with holly wreath tiara in white snow Decoupage napkins
grey mouse in red socks and red cap holding gold bunny in white snow filed Decoupage napkins
2 white bearded gnomes with red and gray and white hat sitting on holly and pine garland with lantern and robin in snow Decoupage napkins
Red fox curled up sleeping with flower Tiera on white with holly springs and red berries Decoupage napkins
brown squirrel on tree stump in snow covered forest Decoupage napkins
2 white geese with ribbon and wreath bowties on white snow Decoupage napkins
2 cartoon owls in brown and red yarn winter gear on wihit red and white dot boarder Decoupage napkins
blue and yellow titmice on  pine branches with red berries in a snowy forest Decoupage napkins
red postal box with red orange and brown birds sheltered in the slog covered with snow Decoupage napkins
blue and yellow titmice on branches with red berries in the snow with red mail bin in country town Decoupage napkins
white snowman with black hat and orange carrot nose with red fox  Decoupage Napkins
4 white candles in window lite with yellow flame at night with blue drapes  Decoupage Napkins
White words of Eat drink and Enjoy with champagne Glass, silverware and heart on black  Decoupage Napkins
Santa on a roof top with brown bag of toys and a  reindeer on a snowy  night  Decoupage Napkins
red mailbox with green evergreen tree sticking out of it  Decoupage Napkins
red and white ornaments o f mushrooms, and candy canes with green mistletoe and red berries  Decoupage Napkins
red cloth hat with white Hello over brown Winter on white with snow dots  Decoupage Napkins
white and brown beagle puppy wearing red antlers with red scarf next to holly, pine cone pine sprig on white with red checkered border  Decoupage Napkins
brown and white birdhouse with chickadees on holly brandhes with a red bow and Merry Christmas banner and red trim with white christmas tree pattern  Decoupage Napkins
gnome with moose in forest with a campfied and coper tea kettle  Decoupage Napkins
nine squares of red and white with cartoon christmas scenes and dates of a calender  Decoupage Napkins
autumn wreath with apples, birds and red berries with a red and white striped ribbon on the bottom on tan  Decoupage Napkins
for cups of Latte, Caffe, Espresso and Cappuccino  Decoupage Napkins
Red and white napkin with images of white flowers, deers and Christmas tree and snow flakes  Decoupage Napkins
gray bird on snow with blue background with snow pattern with words saying have yourself a merry little christmas  Decoupage Napkins
Santa in red next to a fireplace with green bag of toys filling hanging stocking  Decoupage Napkins
red fox in the snow infromt of aspen trees  Decoupage Napkins
winter patches of red and white with checkered, heart, deer and snowflake and snow patterns  Decoupage Napkins
white polar bear ice skating with red santa hat and red and white scarf on blue  Decoupage Napkins
santa in red coat with reindeer, red fox, deer, squirrel and red cardinal giving them apples out of a red bag  Decoupage Napkins
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