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Clay & Resin Modeling Material

This collection contains Resin and Air Dry Modeling Material used with molds and stamps.

The clay is pliable and easy to use, simply take it out of the container, press into your form and release it. Allow it to air-dry. 

Our resins are designed to retain the intricate details of your silicone mold while promising a smooth release every time. Great for home decor crafts and furniture upcycle projects! 

Stamperia White Extra Light Soft Clay for Moulds and Stamps. Air Dry Modeling material.
White Stamperia Air Dry Modeling Material. Extra light, soft white modeling clay. It can be engraved, impressed by stamps, put into mould forms
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Redesign with Prima Air Dry Modeling material for furniture upcycle and silicone moulds
Delight Air-Dry Modeling Compound. This soft, non-toxic, pure white material is perfect for detailed crafting. Easily colorable.
Amazing Casting Resin Kit by Allumilite. Two 8 ounce bottles and cups. Great for Silicone Moulds.
Zuri Acrylic Resin Gold, a solvent-free, water-based formula perfect for intricate moldings
 Zuri Acrylic Resin Iron, a ready-to-use three-component system for creating robust objects with a rusty look
Zuri Acrylic Resin, Bronze - a solvent-free, water-based three-component system perfect for casting exquisite bronze artifacts
Zuri Acrylic Resin, Concrete - a versatile, water-based resin system. Easily mold and cast striking concrete objects showcasing minute details
Zuri Acrylic Resin Purple Pearl. This solvent-free, water-based system lets you craft striking purple pearl objects effortlessly