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Paper Table Runners

These Elegant Paper Table Runners are of exceptional quality and imported from Europe. They boast beautiful, vibrant colors.

For Decoupage Art:

These long sheets are great for crafting sets such as matching glass plates, trays, invitations, seating cards or even dresser drawers. Ideal for use in Decoupage crafts, DIY projects, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, Art Journaling, Cardmaking, Collage, Furniture Upcycle and more. 

For your Table:

Have fun pairing these runners (and your crafted trays or glass candles) with our vast collection of patterned Luncheon and Cocktail napkins to bring your table to life! Impress your guests at themed dinner gatherings, parties, showers and wedding receptions.

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Table Runners for Party Table. Pink table runner on white cloth wedding table.