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Dixie Belle Paint Supplies

Upgrade your DIY projects with our Dixie Belle Paint Supplies collection, your go-to resource for quality and ease. From prepping to painting and finishing, we've got you covered. Crafted for both beginners and seasoned DIYers alike, these supplies promise a hassle-free and successful painting experience. Dive in and bring your creative vision to life with Dixie Belle, where every DIY endeavor becomes a masterpiece.
Red paint brushes in a jar. Dixie Belle paint supplies.
Dixie Belle Sanding sponge in white package with brown descriptive label
Dixie Belle French tip brush with natural tan handles and a beige plastic handle.
8 ounce jar of Gator Hide top from Dixie Belle Paint
Jar of Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner for a professional furniture clean and surface prep
16 oz jar of White Dixie Belle Bonding Boss stain remover and primer.
Dixie Belle wood handle, natural bristle round paint brush.
Dixie Belle Scrubby Soap in Orange, Lemon Lime and Lemon scents. Handmade in the USA with natural ingredients, it effortlessly removes paint, glue, and grease