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Polyvine Lacquer and Wood Varnish

The Polyvine range, hails from the UK with an established 40-year company history and represents excellence in the domain of wood varnishes and lacquers. 

Polyvine's product line is an environmentally conscious choice suitable for varied surfaces. It is engineered for high-endurance protection and dries to a crystal clear, hard durable finish. In this collection, you'll find formulations for both indoor and outdoor projects, offering UV blockage, waterproofing, and resistance to heat and mildew.

Polyvine ensures that artworks and projects retain their original charm while resisting external threats. Crafters and artists say that once they use Polyvine, they'll never again settle for less than the best!

16 ounce Jar of Polyvine Decorator's Varnish in white bottle with blue butterfly. Great wood varnish for furniture upcycle.