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Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish


The Ultimate Choice for Furniture Upcycling Enthusiasts

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Durability:
Discover the transformative power of Polyvine's Wax Finish Varnish. Specifically designed for the passionate furniture upcycler in mind, this unique varnish captures the age-old charm of finely waxed furniture pieces, offering them an unparalleled, luxurious feel.

Product Features:

  • Silky Wax-Like Feel: Experience the touch and appearance of a finely waxed surface, without the time-consuming application of traditional waxes.

  • Brush-On Application: The ease of a varnish with the charm of wax. Simply apply with a brush for a flawless finish every time.

  • High-Performance Protective Finish: Get the assurance of Polyvine's trusted protection, keeping your cherished furniture pieces shielded and in prime condition.

  • Natural Appearance: Celebrate the inherent beauty of wooden furniture. The Wax Finish Varnish retains the wood's authentic look, adding depth and character.

  • Finish Options: Choose between a lustrous satin finish that offers depth and a soft sheen, or opt for the dead flat finish for a completely shine-free surface. Customize to your taste and design vision. 

Furniture Decals: If your project has a rub on transfer, coat it first with Polyvine Multi-Surface Lacquer before applying the Wax Finish Varnish.

Why Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish?
Every piece of furniture has a story, and as an upcycling enthusiast, you add a new chapter. The Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish is the perfect companion in this journey. It's not just a protective coat; it's a blend of tradition, passion, and artistry.

Information from the manufacturer:

TDS - Technical Data Sheet

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet