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Arms of the Abyss - (A1) Decoupage Fiber 23"x33"

A1 Fiber Paper

ReDesign with Prima - A1 Decoupage Fiber

Size: (A1) 23.4" x 33.1" inches

This exceptional fiber paper by ReDesign with Prima is designed with fabric-like filaments, making it tear-resistant and perfect for a variety of decoupage applications. Whether you're revamping furniture or crafting small decor items, this paper is your ideal companion. Just cut to size.

Crafted from high-density fibrous material, this fine decoupage fiber excels in flexibility and durability. You'll find it effortlessly blends into surfaces without cracking or wrinkling. Set your creativity free and infuse your home decor projects with stunning textures using our Tear Resistant Decoupage Paper.

This product is similar in texture and feel, to our Tear Resistant Tissue Paper which also has a fabric-like feel. Enjoy watching this (8 minute) How-To Video for working with this style of decoupage paper.

Application Products:

To step up your project to a professional level, explore our full range of Polyvine Varnishes which can be used as your adhesive as well as your top coat finish. It's an all-in-one solution.  ReDesign with Prima also makes a line of decoupage adhesives that you may want to check out. Either way, we recommend Polyvine for your top coat which has a high level of UV protectant, water resistance and durability. Happy crafting!