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Polyvine Craquelure System


Polyvine Top Coat Craquelure System 

Achieve a Classic Aged Finish with Cracked Varnish

To achieve an authentic traditional aged finish, our top-quality Polyvine product offers a remarkable cracked varnish effect. This effect is created using a straightforward two-part system that incorporates the use of a base coat and a top coat, both of which are clear acrylic.

This system beautifully replicates the intricate crazed patterns commonly found on old porcelain glazes.

To enhance the crackle effect achieved by our craquelure system, consider using our crack highlighter, available in either white or dark brown. This will add an extra touch of antiquity to your finish.

Please remember that both the base coat and the top coat are required to create this stunning effect. Simply make your selections in the drop-down box to get started.

Information from the manufacturer:

DS - Technical Data Sheet

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet