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Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish


For Decoupage Crafters and Furniture Upcycle Enthusiasts:

Great for Outdoor Use!

Dive into a world where durability meets aesthetics with Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish. Specifically tailored for enthusiasts like you who want to give a new life to old items, this varnish is the secret to making your masterpieces last longer and shine brighter.

Ultimate Protection for Inside and Out:

Perfect for Outdoor use: Whether you're upcycling an old wooden table, creating a mosaic with tiles, or decoupaging a vintage chest, Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish ensures that your projects don't just look stunning, but also stand the test of time and nature. It's particularly potent for projects that will be exposed to the great outdoors or under heavy light sources. 


  1. Versatile Application: Ideal for a range of surfaces including:
    • Flagstone
    • Pavers
    • Brick
    • Stone
    • Slate
    • Tile
    • Wood
    • Flooring
    • Worktops
    • Concrete
  2. UV Protection: Full UV block ensures that there's minimal greying, ageing, or deterioration, keeping your projects looking fresh and new.
  3. Waterproofing: Ensures that your pieces are safe from unexpected spills or rains, making it perfect for outdoor furniture or decor.
  4. Mildew Protection: Biocides in the varnish fend off mildew, mould, and fungus, ensuring that your art remains as pristine as the day you completed it.
  5. Advanced Resin Technology: This water-based, cross-linked polyurethane formula boasts cutting-edge resin technology. It offers the utmost protection in a single pack ever crafted, curing in just 16 hours!
  6. Finishes: Choose between the subtle sheen of satin or the minimalist appeal of a dead flat finish. For those projects exposed to intense sunlight, apply two coats of satin for optimal UV protection, and seal it with one coat of dead flat.


Make the smart choice for your beloved projects. Whether it's a decoupage masterpiece or an upcycled gem, protect it with the unmatched strength and beauty of Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish. Your creations deserve nothing but the best!

Information from the manufacturer:

TDS - Technical Data Sheet

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet