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Polyvine Badger Softener Brush (2 sizes)


Polyvine Badger Softener Brush

Comes in 2 sizes:   1" inch and 3" inch (make selection in pull-down box)

Designed for easy and reliable varnish application-

Polyvine’s high-quality Varnish Brushes have been designed and manufactured in the UK, specially for the application of water-based acrylic paint and varnish.

The badger softening brush is an essential tool for artists and crafters, perfect for achieving a smooth, bubble-free finish. Its fine badger hair bristles expertly smooth out brush strokes and evenly distribute mediums such as glues, varnishes, and paints. This brush enhances the quality and durability of your artwork, making it a must-have for any painting or decoupage project.

Use with Polyvine varnishes to enable a smooth, even spread of product without brush lines for a professional finish.