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Spring Rice Paper

This Spring themed Decoupage Paper is of exquisite quality, boasting beautiful colors, great patterns and exceptional strength. This collection includes Spring holidays like Easter, Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy browsing our vast collection to get inspired with Decoupage Ideas. You may want to view some photo ideas of finished products here.

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Flowers collectionBirds Collection and Butterflies Collection.

Approx. Sizes -  A5 Size: 6x9" ***  A4 Size: 9x12" *** A3 Size: 12x17"

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Spring Decoupage paper for Spring crafting. Easter rice paper with two bunnies, eggs, flowers and basket.
2 images of little boy an little girl praying with a yellow dog and cat Decoupage Central rice paper
blue, pink and yellow blossoms with bees Decoupage Central rice paper
vintage watering can with pink white and  blue blossoms Decoupage Central rice paper
lady bugs on stems and leaves Decoupage Central rice paper
vintage bunnies in clothes Decoupage Central rice paper
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White and orange hen in wood basket with 4 yellow chicks. Decoupage Central rice paper.
16 red, leafy strawberry images. Decoupage Central rice paper.
3 images of strawberries, two in wreaths and one in garden. Decoupage Central rice paper.
Bird and birdhouse with yellow sunflowers on sepia background. Decoupage Central rice paper.
Sunset image of Amish farm with white barn. Decoupage Central rice paper.
Four images of red vintage hearts. Decoupage Central rice paper.
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Dandelion with sunset background. Decoupage Central rice paper.
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Two images of mason jars with golden orange fireflies. Decoupage Central rice paper.
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