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Polyvine Multi-Surface Lacquer


The Ultimate Choice for Decoupage Crafters and Furniture Upcycling

Apply this lacquer right on top of your wet or rub-on furniture transfer. It is uniquely formulated to adhere to your furniture decal (whereas other manufacturer's varnishes roll right off). This amazing proprietary Polyvine product is one of the few lacquer's world wide, used for this special purpose. 

Product Overview:
Unearth the secret to impeccable furniture recycling with Polyvine's Multi-Surface Lacquer. As its name suggests, this premium-grade lacquer is meticulously crafted to bond with a myriad of surfaces including wood, metal, laminate, timber surfaces, tile, ceramic, glass and plastics. 

With its unique adhesion properties, furniture upcycler's love this lacquer for use directly on top of Decor Furniture Transfers for outstanding protection.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Crystal Clear Finish: Achieve a stunning, transparent coat that amplifies the beauty of the underlying surface.

  2. Versatile Finishes: Tailor your final look! Choose from:

    • High Gloss: For a radiant shine that captures attention.
    • Satin: For a soft sheen that adds depth and sophistication.
    • Dead Flat: For an undistracted, completely matte appearance.  
  3. Ideal for Furniture Transfers: This lacquer adheres seamlessly to the plastic composition of furniture transfers. Not only does it seal them perfectly, but it also enhances their longevity and appearance. Then finish with your choice of other Polyvine wood or wax finish varnish.
  4. As a Surface Preparation for Decoupage: If you want to decoupage a non-wood surface (such as melamine, tile, glass, ceramic, metal, laminate, plastic), first coat the surface with 1-2 coats of Polyvine Multi-Surface Lacquer. Then follow with gesso, paint, or your usual decoupage adhesive. It's the perfect surface preparation! Use it as a final coat too.
  5. Excellent Adhesion: From gold leaf finishes to more traditional surfaces, this lacquer bonds robustly, ensuring your artwork remains intact and unblemished.
  6. Durable & Resilient: Once applied, this lacquer offers unparalleled resistance to wear, tear, and time. It's hard, durable, and formulated to stand the test of time.

  7. Sanding & Compatibility: This product boasts superior sanding properties, making it a flawless base. Furthermore, you can trust it to work harmoniously with other Polyvine finishes, such as the Heavy Duty Wood Varnish.

Application Recommendations: For best results, ensure your surface is clean, dry, and free from any contaminants. Apply using a brush or roller and let the magic unfold. Apply multi-surface lacquer before finishing with a wax or other varnish.

Whether you're sealing a furniture transfer, preparing a base, or adding the final touch to your masterpiece, Polyvine Multi-Surface Lacquer promises an outcome that's as remarkable as your creativity.

Don't compromise on your projects. Elevate them with Polyvine Multi-Surface Lacquer and witness the transformation!

Information from the manufacturer:

TDS - Technical Data Sheet

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet