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These Decoupage Paper Napkins are of exceptional quality and imported from Europe.  They are 3-ply and have a silky feel, with vivid ink colors that don't bleed when moistened.  Ideal for Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, Journaling, Cardmaking, DIY projects and more!  Convenient single napkin pricing.

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Decoupage Napkins for Decoupage Art, Mixed Media, Collage and Scrapbooking
2 brown brids with white feathers and red berries on black Decoupage Napkins
PInk and red blossoms and green leaves  Decoupage Napkins
Red floral Round paper napkin for decoupage.
Repeat pattern of birds in stick wreath with leaves. European Decoupage Craft Paper Napkins.
red santa gnome with presents on grey with red trim Decoupage Napkins
Yellow tigers and black tucans in tropical leaves Decoupage Napkins
mother hedgehog and baby in  autumn wreath  Decoupage Napkins
yellow and white striped umbrella against blue sky  Decoupage Napkins
Sliced red tomato with word "Pasta". European Decoupage Craft Paper Napkins of exceptional quality. 3 ply. Ideal decorative craft paper Decoupage
Blue background with small pink flowers. Ladybugs. European Decoupage Craft Paper Napkins of exceptional quality. 3 ply. Ideal decorative craft paper.
Green mistletoe with plaid border. Quality European Decoupage Decorative Craft Paper Napkins. 3 ply. Ideal for Collage, Scrapbooking.
Nordic patterns of reindeer Christmas trees adn houses  Decoupage Napkin
These red PPD Rocking Horse European Decoupage Paper Napkins are of exceptional quality. 3 ply. Ideal Decoupage craft paper for Scrapbooking
These solid color green Luxury Paper Dinner Napkins are of Premium quality and imported from Europe. 3-ply with a silky feel boasting beautiful, vibrant colors
Beautiful Christmas Holiday Decoupage Napkin for Crafting, Scrapbooking, Journaling, Mixed Media
gold damask pattern on buffet decoupage napkin
indian color sand patterns Buffet decoupage napkins
PInk Blossom with berried round  Decoupage Napkins
pink red and yellow flower on blue round  Decoupage Napkins
cartoon elephant in red shirt and blue pants on bicycle holding a red heart in it trunk Decoupage napkins
gold fish symbol with partial eucalyptus wreath on white with gold dots and gold hearts  Decoupage Napkins
purple and orange blossom with ribbon in gold saying good things take time Decoupage Napkins
pink and red Helleborus blossoms on rose  Decoupage Napkins
tropical animals with parrot, monkey leopard and tropical flowers  Decoupage Napkins
Diamond Shapes on white background Decoupage Napkins
Orange yellow floral. Round paper napkin for decoupage.
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