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Dixie Belle - Bonding BOSS


Dixie Belle Bonding BOSS

Your Stain Eliminating Primer!

Our primer, aptly named Bonding BOSS, is the result of a unique marriage between Slick Stick and BOSS, creating the ultimate powerhouse for your painting needs. It is a versatile solution that seamlessly combines bonding and stain removal in a single product

Your Multi Surface Solution: Introducing Bonding BOSS, the unrivaled solution for conquering the challenge of painting glossy and slippery surfaces. From glass and ceramic, to metal, concrete, Formica and laminate, achieve impeccable and long-lasting results on even the most challenging materials. Ideal for painting walls, cabinets and laminate furniture, including popular brands like IKEA, Bonding BOSS provides a comprehensive approach.

Color Options:  Bonding Boss comes in three distinct color options to cater to your specific needs: use the white primer for lighter hues, the gray variant for medium tones like yellows, reds and other darker colors, the clear option for dark colors or distressing. 

No Bleed Through:  For added assurance against wood tannin bleed-through, especially under whites or light colors, and for superior bonding durability, we strongly recommend incorporating our Bonding BOSS into your painting routine. Each quart (32 oz) of our Bonding BOSS provides coverage for approximately 160 square feet. 

Application: Begin by cleaning the piece with White Lightning Cleaner. Next, apply a coat of Bonding BOSS, allowing it to dry for 4 hours, then follow up with additional coats.  Dry and recoat times are based on temperature and humidity. The primer typically dries to the touch in 2 hours at 77°F and 50% humidity. Allow at least 4 hours of dry time between coats. To achieve the best results, it's recommended to wait for 24 hours after applying the final coat of Bonding BOSS before proceeding with painting.

How many coats are recommended?  Three coats of Bonding BOSS are especially important when covering colors such as red, orange, or other tough stains. However, in most painting projects, two coats of Bonding BOSS should suffice. Next, add the paint color of your choice. 

Witness the transformative power of Bonding BOSS as it effortlessly revitalizes your laminate furniture, providing a flawless finish that lasts. With Bonding Boss' problem-solving prowess, confidently tackle any project and enjoy a seamless painting experience like never before.