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Natural Inclusion Kozo Rice Paper - A4 Variety Pack (17 sheets)

A4 Variety Pack; 17 sheets

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Natural Inclusion A4 Kozo Rice Paper Variety Pack; 17 sheets

Size: A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches), 17 sheets/pack

Weight: 70 gsm

This Natural Inclusion A4 Rice Paper Variety Pack features 17 specialty papers made from mulberry with additive natural materials such as leaves, barks, and more. Each sheet is unique and offers different Eco-friendly elements.

This pack includes 17 different types of paper: 1. Pine Leaf Kozo 2. Rice Straw Confetti Kozo 3. Banana Paper 4. Unryu with Kozo Bark 5. Tamarind Confetti Kozo 6. Coco Confetti Kozo 7. Bamboo Leaf Kozo 8. Raintree Kozo 9. Tobac Confetti Kozo 10. Mango Leaf Kozo 11. Rice Straw Kozo 12. Sugarcane Paper 13. Bamboo Confetti Kozo 14. Jute Paper 15. Mulberry Confetti Kozo 16. Banana Kozo 17. Mikado Kozo

This versatile paper is perfect for a variety of decoupage, scrapbooking, cardmaking and mixed media projects and can even be used as decorative pieces on its own.

History: Mulberry paper ("Broussonetia Papyrifera"), often called "Kozo Paper", "Washi", "Hanji", or "Rice Paper," is derived from the Paper Mulberry tree's bark. Originating in ancient China for calligraphy and art, its use expanded to Japan and Korea, solidifying its cultural importance in East Asia. The paper's hallmark is its traditional, labor-intensive creation: the manually harvested bark is boiled, cleaned, and transformed into pulp. This pulp either air-dries for handmade paper or is machined. The outcome is a distinctive textured paper, celebrated for its quality and historical significance.