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Brigette - Mould 1.5x7

1.5 x 7 inch


Pattern:  Brigette

Watch a 6 min. Video on How to Use Moulds

Breathe new life into your furniture, frames, plaques, boxes, scrapbook covers and more with Redesign Decor Moulds. These heat resistant molds offer endless creativity with unique & detailed pieces. They are food safe. Enjoy making artistic candy, chocolate, butter, fondant, cookie dough, and more. They are durable and last for many years with normal use.

For DIY and Art Projects: Use a mold pour of paper clay, ceramic clay or resin. You'll find ReDesign Modeling material, an air dry paper clay, in the Supplies section of our store.

Molds give a beautiful three-dimensional affect to furniture upcycle, decoupage art and mixed media crafts. Add paint and finishes such as antique distress, sparkle or other embellishments.