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Zuri Acrylic Resin-Bronze

2 Containers, 300 Grams

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Zuri Acrylic Resin-Bronze

The Zuri Acrylic Resin Bronze is a simple-to-use two-part system, perfect for enthusiasts looking to create sturdy objects with a genuine bronze appearance. The kit comprises a unique blend of mineral powder to mimic bronze and a water-based resin liquid. Together, these components form a robust bond, replicating all the fine details of your silicone mold. Moreover, the resin is easy to handle and does not contain any solvents, making your crafting experience pleasant and straightforward.

Mixing Instructions:
In your kit, you will find the main constituents: a quantity of Zuri Acrylic Resin Bronze Powder and a bottle of Zuri Acrylic Resin Bronze Liquid. The recommended mixing ratio is 1 part liquid to 2.5 parts powder by weight. Before you begin mixing, ensure all the components are at hand and accurately measured, using a scale if necessary. Merge the liquid and powder in a mixing cup, stirring until no lumps remain, a process that typically takes between 30 to 60 seconds.

Casting Instructions:
During the casting process, start by applying a fine layer of the bronze powder in the mold as a primary coat. Then, pour around half of your prepared mixture into the mold, shaking or tapping the sides to eliminate trapped air, which is crucial for molds with complex designs. To achieve an even coating, you might rotate the mold several times or use a brush to layer the mixture before topping it up with the remainder of your concoction.

Curing Instructions:
Once you've cast the resin, allow it to cure for approximately 20 to 60 minutes. For more delicate objects, consider extending the curing time to prevent damage. To monitor the curing process, use the leftover mixture in your mixing cup as a reference. When fully cured, you can demold your bronze-like object. Note that it might release some moisture on the surface as it continues to cure over the subsequent hours, eventually hardening into a sturdy, bronze-like artifact.

Paint for your Mold Casting: We carry a large variety of Paint products including chalk, acrylic and clay paint. However, Acrylic paint is the most popular and widely used for mold castings. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and dries quickly. Available in a variety of finishes including vibrant metallics.