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Zuri Acrylic Resin-Iron

2 Containers, 300 Grams

Zuri Acrylic Resin-Iron

The Zuri Acrylic Resin Iron is a convenient two-part system that allows you to create sturdy objects with a rust-like appearance. This kit contains a mineral powder and a water-based resin liquid which, when combined, create a potent mixture ideal for casting into silicone molds, capturing every fine detail accurately. This user-friendly, solvent-free resin is a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced users looking to craft detailed, rustic pieces.

Mixing Instructions:
In this kit, you will find two components: the first part is the Zuri Acrylic Resin Iron Powder, and the second part is the Zuri Acrylic Resin Iron Liquid. The suggested mixing ratio is 1 part liquid to 2.5 parts powder by weight. Before you start mixing, ensure all components are ready and measured accurately, preferably using a scale. Combine the liquid and powder in a mixing cup, stirring until no lumps remain, a process that usually takes between 30 to 60 seconds.

Casting Instructions:
When you are ready to cast, first apply a thin layer of iron powder to the mold. Then pour about half of your mixed resin into the mold, tapping the sides to remove any trapped air and prevent air entrapment, especially for complex molds. For a uniform distribution, consider rotating the mold a few times or applying an initial layer of the mixture with a brush before filling it up with the remaining mixture.

Curing Instructions:
After the casting step, allow the resin to cure for about 20 to 60 minutes, adjusting the time as needed depending on the complexity of the object. You can use leftover mixture in the mixing cup to check the curing status. Once cured, demold the object. Note that the object might release some moisture as it continues to cure over the next few hours. To achieve a rust effect, place the freshly demolded piece in a humid environment for a few days until the desired rust level is reached. Alternatively, chemicals can be used to expedite the rusting process, but ensure to read the instructions of these chemicals carefully before use.

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