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Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics - Caribbean

4 oz.

Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics Paint

Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics offers an efficient and vibrant solution for craft enthusiasts, furniture renovators, and mixed media artists. These one-step metallic paints are designed to bring a reliable and distinctive touch to a wide variety of projects.

Practical and Versatile
These metallic paints are not just for DIY crafts and furniture restoration. They are also the go-to solution for mixed media artists keen on adding a metallic sheen to their artworks. Besides canvases, the paint is suitable for creating striking effects on forms cast from silicone moulds, serving as an essential tool in every mixed media artist’s toolkit.

One-Step Application
Save time and reduce hassle with the convenience of a one-step application process. Achieve a smooth, streak-free finish that adds a professional look to your projects, without the fuss of repeated coatings.

Wide Range of Uses
Whether you're working on wood, metal, glass, or ceramics, these metallic paints adapt beautifully. The paints are not just versatile, but also offer a great texture and finish, making them a popular choice for artists and renovators alike.

Why Choose Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics

Simple Application: The one-step application process ensures you get the results you want quickly and efficiently.

Rich Pigmentation: The paints are richly pigmented, offering a vibrant and lasting metallic sheen.

Adaptable: These paints work well on a variety of surfaces, providing you with ample opportunities to get creative.

Eco-Friendly: Crafted with an eco-friendly formula, these paints allow you to work on your projects without harming the environment.

Good Coverage: The paints offer substantial coverage, ensuring you get value for your money.

Make your crafting and renovation projects stand out with Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics. Now available at DecoupageNapkins.com, it's the ideal choice for artists looking for quality and reliability in a metallic paint.