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Antiquing Wax - Sepia

1 Tube .68 oz (20 ml)

Finnabair Art Alchemy Antiquing Wax - 1 tube .68 oz (20 ml)

Color:  Sepia

Great for:  Furniture trim, furniture knobs and moulds, picture frames, canvas, wood, metal pieces, jewelry, mixed media art, decoupage art, home decor and more. Rub along trim-work and edges for a finished look.

This wax based antiquing paste adds a beautiful and natural looking stained and weathered look to your projects. Antiquing wax gives you generous color which can be thinned down by adding Art Alchemy Clear Wax to get more transparency. 


Simply rub onto any surface to reveal details and raised areas. Enjoy a beautiful antique sheen and permanent finish like no other. To apply, use your fingers, a soft cloth or sponge. Perfect for Decor applications and furniture upcycling projects that require a high quality dose of color and brilliance.

As with any oil based product, some ingredient separation may occur. If this happens, simply recombine using a pallet knife or brush. Just mix it up and you're good to go!