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Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint - Lucky Lavender


Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint - Lucky Lavender 

Lucky Lavender is a delightful pastel purple, reminiscent of blooming flowers. This soft and soothing color effortlessly creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere in any room. Whether you're painting a dresser, cabinets, or other painted furniture, Lucky Lavender is the perfect choice for adding a touch of femininity and elegance to your space.

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary by incorporating Lucky Lavender into the decor. Its gentle hue lends itself beautifully to creating a serene and calming ambiance. You can also bring a sense of tranquility to your living room or even a laundry room with this captivating color. Pair it with vintage-inspired painted furniture to achieve a charming and romantic look that exudes comfort and style. For optimal adhesion and a long-lasting finish, don't forget to prep your surface with our reliable White Lightning Cleaner.