Furniture Upcycle Collection

Breathe new life into your furniture with our DIY specialty papers. Turn plain, weary furniture into an eye-popping centerpiece. Its fun and easy to Upcycle! Find more inspiring furniture photos here.



Rub on Transfers - These work especially well on furniture and are featured in the shopping collection below. Just position and rub with the included tool. Find large patterns with sizes up to 3' ft x 4' ft. 

Wet Transfers - These use water and a sponge as the method of transfer. They are about the size of a sheet of paper.

Rice Papers - These use mod podge type glue as the method of application. Sizes vary. Our largest is 12"x16" inches. 

Add beautiful embellishments using our Furniture Molds and Stencils.

Our ReDesign with Prima Collection: (Click into any product for How-To videos)