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Rose Boquet #1839

A4 Transfer Paper

Dress My Craft - Transfer Me Paper
Package Dimensions: A4 size ( 9” x 12.5”)
Number of Sheets per Package: 1
Type: Transfer Paper
Manufacturer: Dress My Craft

Click HERE for an 11 minute instruction video by Dress My Craft

These incredibly beautiful Transfer Papers are imported from India. They enhance the look of any plain surface such as Wood, Metal, Plastic, Leather, Marble, Glass, Terracotta, Tin, Canvas, Sunmica and more. A simple technique is used to "transfer" the image to your project. Finish with a varnish or sealer. Detailed instructions are included on the packaging. These vibrant transfers are perfect for Furniture Upcycle, DIY projects, Craft projects, Mixed Media, and so much more. If you're new to Transfer Papers, give them a try! The possibilities for application are endless.

Manufacturer's Directions for Best Results:
- Cut the pattern close to the design
- Gently remove the clear sheet
- Dip the white sheet in a flat bowl of water for 10 to 12 seconds and hold down
- Remove from the water and place with image facing down onto the transfer surface
- Gently dab with damp sponge
- Carefully slide the white sheet from the film
- Do not touch the transferred film with your hand
- Allow transferred image to dry completely
- If you see bubbles let it dry longer. If they are stubborn, gently use a brush.
- Seal the transfer with acrylic varnish or any good sealer
- For full sheets, peel the film and stick it directly on the surface. Then apply water from the back.
- For optimal results protect with a final layer of varnish