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Affiliate Program

Explore our Affiliate Program & Earn Rewards!

Are you passionate about crafting and showcase your skills through a high-quality YouTube channel or an educational crafting website? You might be the perfect match for our Affiliate Program! At DecoupageNapkins.com, we're on the lookout for creative souls who share our love for handmade crafts and are eager to educate and inspire.

We carefully review each application to ensure a shared vision. While we appreciate all platforms, our focus is on partners dedicated to creating professional content beyond Facebook Lives, particularly those not representing competing stores. Our goal is to collaborate with affiliates who are as devoted to our products as we are, aiming for quality over quantity.

DecoupageNapkins.com stands as the ultimate destination for craft enthusiasts across the USA, combining a one-stop-shop experience with the financial promise for our affiliates. Our expansive catalog not only boasts a vast selection of unique designs, ranging from Decoupage Napkins and Rice Papers to Paints, Varnishes, and Art Supplies, but also spans all budgets. This diversity ensures that whether you're passionate about DIY, Furniture Upcycling, Scrapbooking, or Mixed Media, we have everything you need to bring your creative visions to life.

Moreover, our approach offers affiliates the chance to earn commissions on a wide array of products, from affordable finds to premium items, enhancing both your creative projects and your earning potential. Partner with us to explore a world where variety fuels creativity and opportunity enhances earnings.

To apply, send an email to info@decoupagenapkins.com. Introduce yourself and explain how you align with our affiliate ideals. We're excited to hear from you!