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Assorted A4 Pastel Rakusui Kozo Rice Paper Set (30 sheets)

A4 Variety Pack; 30 sheets

Assorted A4 Pastel Rakusui Kozo Rice Paper Set (30 sheets)

Size:  Size: A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches), 30 sheets/pack

Weight:  15 gsm

These papers are crafted meticulously using a special technique called 'Rakusui.' It involves carefully dropping water on the thin sheet of wet paper to create tiny holes, resulting in a beautifully detailed and crisp appearance.

The Assorted A4 Pastel Rakusui Kozo Rice Paper Set comes with a collection of 30 delicate and one-of-a-kind mulberry papers. There are 30 sheets in 10 unique colors, 3 sheets per color.

Despite its fragile nature, this paper possesses remarkable strength and flexibility due to its long mulberry fibers. Its translucent nature makes it perfect for creating beautiful lampshades, invitation cards, mixed-media artwork, and various other decorative projects in the realm of art and crafts. It is acid-free and does not yellow or become brittle over time. Due to availability, on a very rare occasion, some colors may differ slightly from the image.

History: Mulberry paper ("Broussonetia Papyrifera"), often called "Kozo Paper", "Washi", "Hanji", or "Rice Paper," is derived from the Paper Mulberry tree's bark. Originating in ancient China for calligraphy and art, its use expanded to Japan and Korea, solidifying its cultural importance in East Asia. The paper's hallmark is its traditional, labor-intensive creation: the manually harvested bark is boiled, cleaned, and transformed into pulp. This pulp either air-dries for handmade paper or is machined. The outcome is a distinctive textured paper, celebrated for its quality and historical significance.