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Steampunk Black Cat (size A3) #8114

A3 Rice Paper

Decoupage Creatives – A3 Decoupage Paper

Size: A3   (11.7” x 16.5”)

Weight: 30-35 gsm

Decoupage Creatives brings you a collection of exceptional decoupage rice papers, renowned for their artistic elegance and distinct designs. Featuring a range of popular vintage and Americana themes, these papers are a blend of cultural richness and artistic expression. Crafted with care in the USA and printed with precision in Poland, they represent the epitome of quality and innovation in the realm of decoupage crafting.

These papers are distinguished by their vivid colors and captivating decoupage patterns and images, reflecting the latest graphic design trends. Made from strong, yet fine mulberry paper, they're versatile for various uses, including on curved objects. The superior printing techniques ensure the high-quality inks remain steadfast and don’t smear with glue application, preserving their brilliance. These fade-resistant inks add to the paper's long-lasting appeal. Choosing Decoupage Creatives means selecting not just a crafting material, but a wellspring of creative inspiration for your projects.

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