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Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint - Yankee Blue


Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint - Yankee Blue 

Transform your furniture with the stunning Yankee Blue, a navy color with gray undertones. Whether you want a cool coastal vibe or a bold blue hue, this paint will create an astonishing ambiance in any room.

With our premium chalk paint, you can easily achieve a smooth and professional finish on your painted furniture, cabinets, or any DIY project. Pair Yankee Blue with warm wood tones or crisp whites for a striking contrast.

Our chalk mineral paint adheres beautifully to various materials like wood, metal, plastics, brick, stone, glass, and concrete. Unleash your creativity and transform your space with ease. For optimal adhesion and a long-lasting finish, don't forget to prep your surface with our reliable White Lightning Cleaner.