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Josephine - Buffet Napkin

Buffet 8x4 inch

Pricing is for: 1 (one) individual napkin. Description: These Decoupage Paper Napkins are of exceptional quality and imported from Europe. They are 3-ply and have a silky feel, with vivid ink colors that don't bleed when moistened. This makes them ideal for Decoupage Crafting, DIY craft projects, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, Art Journaling, Cardmaking, Collage, Furniture Upcycle and more! They are also wonderful for receptions and dinner parties. Patterns: If only one image is shown, the pattern or its mirror image is repeated on all panels when unfolded. If multiple images are shown then the front and back are different. Sizes: Approximate dimensions: - Luncheon (33 cm) size is 6.5" by 6.5" folded and 13" by 13" unfolded. - Cocktail (25 cm) size is 5" x 5" folded and 10" x 10" unfolded. - Dinner (40cm) size is 8" x 8" folded and 16" x 16" unfolded. - Buffet size is 8.25" x 4.50" folded and 16.5" x 9" unfolded.
Ideal Home Range