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Manganese Blue

Ink Pad

Ranger Archival Ink Pad

These ink pads provide lasting results.

Size:  2.75" x 4" 

Features:  Removable Hinged Lid, Raised Stamping Surface

Manufacturer Information:  Archival Ink pads provide lasting stamping results that are permanent on many surfaces. Get a crisp image that doesn't bleed over water-based inks and markers, acrylic paint, and water colors. Acid free, non-toxic, fade resistant and water resistant. They will not deteriorate paper or precious photographs, they will not bleed when painted or brayered over with watercolors, water-based inks, markers or pearl pigments. These inks are permanent for paper-heat set for permanence on non-porous surfaces.

Made in the USA

Acid Free - Non Toxic