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Matte - Decoupage Gel by ReDesign with Prima

7.8 oz Jar

Decoupage Gel - MATTE  by ReDesign with Prima

Size: 7.8 fl oz (230ml)

Redesign with Prima Gel is a specialized adhesive designed specifically for decoupage projects. It works especially well with ReDesign with Prima Décor Tissue Paper. This gel  has a thick consistency, which makes it easy to control and apply on surfaces. 

Here are 4 reasons why Redesign with Prima Gel is a great choice for adhering decoupage tissue paper to furniture and home décor:

1. Strong Adhesive: Redesign with Prima Gel has a strong adhesive that keeps the decoupage tissue paper firmly attached to your project.

2. Smooth Application: The thick consistency of Redesign with Prima Gel allows for better control when applying the adhesive, reducing the chance of wrinkles or bubbles forming in the decoupage tissue paper.

3. Professional Finish: Redesign with Prima Matte Gel dries clear with a hard coat finish, giving your decoupage project a professional-look.

4. Water-Resistant: Redesign with Prima Gel is water-resistant when dry, which means it won't be affected by spills or moisture in the air.

Overall, Redesign with Prima Gel is a superior adhesive for decoupage projects, especially when working with furniture or décor items that will be handled or used frequently. Its a great choice for decoupage due to its strong adhesive, smooth application, clear finish, and water-resistant properties.