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Clay Paint - Straw

$19.99 $26.95

MudPaint: Unparalleled Quality for Furniture Upcycle and Home Décor

About this Color:  Straw is a muted and pale yellow furniture paint color. Straw is a subtle, soft yellow and has a great balance of warm+cool undertones. Straw is not as aged, golden and mustard-y as our Butternut, yet has far more yellow than our Manor White. We’re betting that this nearly-neutral, light yellow furniture paint will soon be one of your favorite yellows!

MudPaint is easy to use, fast drying, and adheres to any surface. It has great coverage that makes it so most customers only need to use one coat. A little goes a long way! MudPaint works great for distressing and aging as well as on pieces where a smooth and sleek finish is desired, like when painting mid-century modern.


Innovative Clay-Based Formulation: At the heart of MudPaint is an innovative blend of clay and water. This distinct combination not only offers a smooth matte finish without any chalky residue but also ensures the product is eco-friendly. The absence of gritty elements further distinguishes MudPaint from other traditional paints.

Application Made Simple: MudPaint is designed for convenience and versatility. It is suitable for a range of application methods, including brushes, rollers, and sprayers. Its easy-to-use nature guarantees minimal preparation, swift drying, and adherence to various surfaces, eliminating common painting challenges.

Efficient Coverage: The coverage offered by MudPaint stands out, with most projects requiring just a single coat. This efficiency translates to time-saving and reduced paint consumption, enhancing the overall painting experience.

Versatility in Colors: With a palette extending over 39 colors, MudPaint caters to diverse artistic visions. Those inclined towards customization will find joy in mixing these shades to achieve their desired hue.

Diverse Applications: Beyond its primary use for furniture upcycle, MudPaint's clay-based nature makes it an ideal choice for various home décor crafts, from distressing and aging aesthetics to smooth and sleek finishes. Its consistency allows for creating varied looks that suit different styles.

Proud American Craftsmanship: MudPaint is a testament to quality and dedication, proudly made in the USA. Each container reflects a commitment to excellence and a deep-rooted tradition of American craftsmanship.

For that perfect finish and added durability, visit our Polyvine suite of varnishes and lacquers. 

Incorporate MudPaint into your next project and discover the nuanced difference that a premium clay-based paint can offer. Whether you're upcycling furniture or embarking on a home décor venture, MudPaint provides both the quality and versatility you seek.