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Pentart Delicate Metallic Acrylic Paint - Bluish Silver

50 ml (1.70 oz)

Pentart Delicate Metallic Acrylic Paint

Pentart Metallic Acrylic paint is a high-quality acrylic paint that is infused with metallic pigments. This gives the paint a beautiful, shimmering effect that is perfect for a variety of arts and crafts projects.

The "Delicate" line of metallics feature softer colors.

For professional protection, cover with a coat of Polyvine Decorator's Varnish, or one of our other Polyvine finishes.


  • Metallic paint can be used to give mold castings a realistic metal finish, adding depth and dimension to the piece.
  • Add a touch of glamour to your paintings and drawings
  • Create stunning metallic effects on furniture, home décor items, and other craft projects
  • Personalize clothing and accessories with metallic accents
  • Use for miniature painting and other hobby projects


  • Highly pigmented for rich, vibrant colors
  • Smooth, creamy consistency for easy application and blending
  • Versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, and metal
  • Water-resistant and fade-resistant for durable results
  • Non-toxic and acid-free for safe use