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Plaid One Stroke - Fan Brush #4

Fan Brush #4

Plaid One Stroke - Fan Brush #4

FOLK ART-A gold nylon 4 fan brush. For feathering and texturing. Care: Wash with brush cleaner or mild soap and water. Reshape with fingers and store to dry with bristles up.

A #4 fan brush is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of painting techniques:

Blending colors: The fan brush is traditionally used for blending colors or softening hard edges. To blend colors, an artist can take advantage of the curve of the fan by resting the tip of the brush on the paper and then lifting off, repeating the process until the desired effect is achieved.

Creating texture: The curve of the fan brush lends itself to particular feather patterns, rock textures, and other textures. Use the brush to create various shapes and textures in a single painting by combining different marks.

Multicolor application: Because fan brushes are pretty wide but thin, an artist can load 3 or more colors onto the brush to get a mark made up of multiple colors. This is a fun way to apply colors and can create interesting effects.

Dry brush application: Start with a dry brush and add a little paint to just the tips of the brush to create a dry brush effect.

Striping: Soak or wet the fan brush so that it separates into chunky sections, load it up with some fluid acrylic, thinned acrylic, or watercolor paint, and drag it across the surface steadily to produce a mark that creates varied widths of stripes.

Creating small marks: When an artist needs to paint an area where they want to apply many small marks quickly, a fan brush works very well. 
They can use more of the tips of the fan than they do for blending and make small side-to-side wiggles that can quickly look like leaves on a tree or multiple blades of grass or plant foliage.

An artist can use a #4 fan brush to create a wide range of brush marks from soft gradient shifts to small marks and stripes. The brush is capable of doing many things. Unlock its potential by experimenting with different techniques