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Zuri Acrylic Resin-Concrete

2 Containers, 400 Grams

Zuri Acrylic Resin - Concrete Texture

The Zuri Acrylic Resin Concrete is a straightforward two-part system designed for users seeking to craft items with a refined concrete appearance. This system consists of two fundamental components: a mineral powder resembling concrete and a water-based resin liquid. The user-friendly, solvent-free formula is specially crafted to capture the fine details of a silicone mold, providing a simple method to create objects with a concrete-like texture.

Mixing Instructions:
In your kit, you will find two primary components: a portion of Zuri Acrylic Resin Concrete Powder and a bottle of Zuri Acrylic Resin Concrete Liquid. To create the ideal mixture, combine 1 part liquid to 2.5 parts powder by weight. Before initiating the mixing process, confirm that all components are present and correctly weighed, utilizing a scale for accurate measurement if needed. In a mixing cup, combine the liquid and powder until a homogeneous, lump-free mixture is attained, a procedure that should take between 30 to 60 seconds.

Casting Instructions:
For the casting process, first lay a thin layer of the concrete powder in the mold. Following this, pour about half of your prepared mixture into the mold, ensuring to shake or tap the sides to eliminate any entrapped air, particularly vital for intricate mold designs. To achieve an evenly distributed layer, consider rotating the mold a few times or applying a base layer with a brush before filling it up with the remaining mixture.

Curing Instructions: 
Allow the resin to cure post-casting, a process that takes about 20 to 60 minutes. If you're working with fragile objects, don't hesitate to extend the curing time by several hours as necessary. Utilize the leftover mixture in your cup to gauge the curing progression. Once fully cured, release your concrete textured object from the mold. Be prepared for some moisture release on the surface as the curing process continues over the next few hours, eventually solidifying into a sturdy concrete-like piece.

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