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Zuri Acrylic Resin-Purple Pearl

2 Containers, 300 Grams

Zuri Acrylic Resin-Purple Pearl

The Zuri Acrylic Resin Purple Pearl is a convenient two-part system tailored for individuals who wish to craft items with an exquisite purple pearl finish. This kit consists of two essential components: a mineral powder and a water-based resin liquid. This innovative, solvent-free resin system is crafted to mirror intricate details when cast into silicone molds, offering an effortless way to create objects with a purple pearl essence.

Mixing Instructions:
Within your kit, you will find two main components: a sachet of Zuri Acrylic Resin Purple Pearl Powder and a container of Zuri Acrylic Resin Purple Pearl Liquid. Preparing the mixture necessitates combining 1 part liquid to 2 parts powder by weight. Prior to mixing, ensure that all the components are accurately weighed and ready for use. It's recommended to use a scale for precise measurement. Blend the powder and liquid in a cup until a smooth, lump-free mixture is achieved, a process that normally takes about 30 to 60 seconds.

Casting Instructions:
To initiate the casting process, apply a fine layer of the Purple Pearl powder in the mold as a first step. Proceed by pouring half of the prepared mixture into the mold, shaking or tapping the sides to eliminate any trapped air, a step that is crucial when using intricate molds. To ensure an even coating, rotate the mold a few times or use a brush to apply an initial layer before completely filling it with the rest of the mixture.

Curing Instructions:
Following the casting, allow the resin to cure for a span of 20 to 60 minutes. For delicate objects, consider extending the curing time by a few hours if necessary. The remaining mixture in the cup will help in assessing the curing status. After curing, release the vibrant Purple Pearl object from the mold. Note that some moisture might be released on the surface as the object continues to cure over the following hours, evolving into its final magnificent purple pearl guise.

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