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Vintage Floral - Dress My Craft Wet Method Transfer Me Transfers for Furniture Decoupage and Mixed Media Art

How to Apply Wet Method Craft Transfer Papers

How to Apply Dress My Craft Transfers

 Dress My Craft Transfer Me papers use a wet application technique. They can make older or stressed furniture look new and upcycled. They can be used to decorate candles, serving trays, clay planters, dishes, cutting boards, coasters, glass jars, mirrors, ornaments, wooden boxes, etc. The nicest thing about using transfer papers for decoration is the ease of application to a project. They can be used on either painted furniture or raw wood. They are easy to apply and come in beautiful, vibrant patterns. You can apply these transfers to Wood, Plastic, Glass, Leather, Metal, Painted Surfaces, Journaling Cards and Mixed Media. We carry a large selection of designs from which you can choose for your project. Here is where to buy furniture transfer paper.


 Six Steps for Apply Furniture Transfer Paper Decals

There are 6 basic steps to follow when applying the Design Image to your craft.

  • The first step is to trim the pattern as close as you can to the design. Be careful to make clean cuts and pay attention to the look of the trim left after cutting. Leave yourself a clear area somewhere near the pattern for holding the pattern with your fingers or tweezers.

 Trim decal on craft transfer paper


  • Before moving on, be sure the surface where you want to apply the design is clean and ready to receive the transfer. Be sure of exactly where you want to place it. Now you are ready to gently peel away the Clear sheet. This will leave you with a pattern affixed to a white sheet.

Peel Clear sheet from Craft Transfer Papers 


  • The next step is extremely important to do correctly. It literally will ensure the success of your project. Soak the cutting in a flat bowl with water for 10 to 12 seconds facing upside down. If you soak it too long it will make the paper too soggy, and the pattern might tear. Conversely, if you do not soak it long enough the paper will not come off easily. So go with 10 to 12 seconds.

 Soak the craft transfer paper decal in water for 10-12 seconds


  • Now remove the transfer from the water using your fingers or tweezers. Gently shake off excess water drips. Next, place the design face down on the prepared surface. You will not be able to reposition it once you lay it down. So, pick your spot carefully. Gently dab the transfer with a damp sponge. If you like, you may then use a brush to smooth out the pattern starting with the center and using brush strokes in an outward direction. Now, carefully slide the white sheet away from the film. After the white sheet is removed, be careful not touch the transferred film with your hands.

Dab off excess water from the craft transfer paper decal

  • Let the newly applied design dry undisturbed. You will need to give it some time to dry very thoroughly before finishing. Never, never use a blow dryer or similar heat source. It must air dry naturally. Sometimes the sheets might have some air bubbles, but this is normal. It will not affect the results. Please let it dry for some time and it will settle down.

 Peel off white paper from the craft transfers


  • After the design is dry you can seal it with one or two coats of an acrylic varnish or any other good sealer. For the best results varnishing is a MUST.

 Seal Craft Transfer Paper decals with Acrylic Varnish


It is as simple as that, Cut, Peel, soak, place, dab, remove white paper, dry and seal.

It will look like you paid top dollar at a fancy furniture gallery. Furniture transfer paper can really dress up an older piece of furniture. It can turn ordinary objects onto works of art!  Try also: Candles, serving trays, clay planters, dishes, cutting boards, coasters, jars, ornaments, wooden boxes. The possibilities are endless.

I did forget to mention the hardest part of it all though. Picking the best design for your project.  Here is where to buy furniture transfer paper.

 Happy crafting!