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white bottle with blue butterfly on blue background of Polyvine's Wood Varnish Products

Introducing Polyvine's Wood Varnish and Lacquers

At DecoupageNapkins.com we are thrilled to introduce our latest range of crafting products – the esteemed Polyvine Varnishes and Lacquers.

One of the most frequent questions we get from our community revolves around the best way to safeguard their artistic creations against wear, heat, stains, and yellowing. Our answer is simple - Polyvine. In our experience, no other product rivals Polyvine for its transparent diamond hard finish and robustness. Allow us to guide you through each product in detail, illustrating their applications.

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Green frame with dark background and decoupaged red truck with christmas tree.

How to Decoupage Napkins on Dark Backgrounds Made Easy with Polyvine

Do you think you need to decoupage a napkin or rice paper on ONLY a WHITE background? Well think again! Discover an effortless way to decoupage napkins on DARK backgrounds! Our revolutionary Polyvine varnish is the secret sauce. Join Donna from Mason Creations etc., in a transformative video tutorial, exclusively at DecoupageNapkins.com! Tune in for exciting step-by-step, how-to instructions.
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White Finnabair stencil with lace design. Next to it, a black canvas with white stenciling and paint brush.

Stenciling 101: Your Guide to Mastering 6 Essential Techniques

Unlock a world of creativity with our exclusive guide to stencil artistry! Discover six stunning techniques that will elevate your craft projects to a new level of beauty and sophistication. From the mesmerizing effects of raised lettering to the sparkling allure of glitter embellishments, we've got step-by-step guidance to help you master them all. Dive in and transform your crafting journey with DecoupageNapkins.com
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beautiful DIY Christmas ornament with white snow green trees and red Merry Christmas from DecouopagNapkins.com

Crafting Your Own Winter Wonderland DIY Christmas Ornament

Discover the joy of DIY Christmas ornament crafting with our step-by-step guide! Perfect for beginners, we'll walk you through creating a beautiful Woodland Ornament using the Polyvine Craquelure System. Add a personal touch to your festive decor with easy-to-follow instructions, ideal for adding a magical sparkle to your holiday season. Visit Decoupagenapkins.com for all your crafting needs and make this Christmas unforgettable with a unique, handcrafted ornament. 
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a wood frame that has been decorated by Mixed media for Fall with Polyvine products and decoupage papers from Decoupagenapkins.com

Crafting Fall with Mixed Media

Embark on a creative journey with this Mixed Media Tutorial from Donna at Mason Creations etc., where the vibrant hues of autumn come to life. Learn how to transform a simple canvas into a seasonal masterpiece using exquisite decoupage papers and the transformative effects of Polyvine Craquelure, all sourced from Decoupagenapkins.com. This step-by-step guide is perfect for crafters looking to capture the essence of fall in their artwork
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White Dresser with Magnolia flower furniture transfers

From Old to Extraordinary: Your Top 5 Questions About Upcycling Furniture Ideas Answered

At DecoupageNapkins.com, we deeply appreciate the beauty of upcycled furniture and the potential it holds for remarkable transformations. With accessible DIY techniques and our diverse range of supplies, including furniture transfers and decoupage tissue paper, you can breathe new life into your furniture and create captivating home décor pieces. Whether you're an experienced upcycler or just starting out, we're here to provide guidance and support on your creative journey.

To assist you, we've compiled a list of the top 5 frequently asked questions, offering practical insights and helpful advice. Our goal is to help you unleash your inner artist and turn old furniture into stunning works of art that bring joy to your home. Join us on this exciting adventure and let's make some furniture magic happen at DecoupageNapkins.com!

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How to Choose the Perfect Decoupage Paper for Your Project

How to Choose the Perfect Decoupage Paper for Your Project

Decoupage is a centuries-old crafting technique that involves gluing paper cutouts onto an object's surface. Choosing the right paper is crucial for a successful project. Large tissue paper, rice paper, rub-on transfers, decorative napkins, scrapbook paper, and embellishments are popular choices for different decoupage projects.
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Vibrant pink flower tear resistant decoupage tissue paper design, ideal for adding a touch of elegance and color to furniture projects

How to use Tear Resistant Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper from Redesign with Prima

Tear-Resistant Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper from ReDesign with Prima is ideal for decorating furniture and home décor pieces. This video is a great tutorial for the beginner crafter to learn some basic techniques on how to use this versatile product. 

This Decoupage Tissue Paper is high quality and thicker than other types of tissue paper. It has an almost fabric-like feel. This makes it easier to place and  reposition, giving your project longer durability. The papers are tear resistant unlike other thinner materials. This will allow for a brighter and more vibrant look and finish.

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Wood plank and wood plate covered in floral Decoupage Rice Paper

What is Decoupage Paper and How to apply it to Home Decor

Learn what Decoupage Paper is and how to use it for Decoupage Craft Projects.  Find out about the 8 basic steps in creating a decoupage paper project. Become inspired to create your own art with Decoupage Paper!
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Tan wood cabinet with green ivy and white flowers using Decor Transfers Rub on Furniture Transfers


Rub on furniture transfers from Redesign with Prima are a great way to add interest and color to upcycled furniture. These artistic furniture Décor Decals are perfect for people that are not necessarily artists but would like to get the look of hand painted Décor Art on their furniture.
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Farm animals Pigs and Rooster made with Redesign with Prima Décor Molds

(Video) 6 min - How to use ReDesign Decor Mould

How to Use the ReDesign Decor Mold  (6 min video)

Breathe new life into your furniture, frames, plaques, boxes, scrapbooks and journals with Redesign Decor Moulds. These heat resistant molds offer endless creativity with unique & detailed pieces. They are food safe. Enjoy making artistic candy, chocolate, butter, fondant, cookie dough, and more. 

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Christmas Rub on Transfer Decal from Redesign with Prima

Do's and Don't Tips for applying Rub on Transfers

Rub on Transfers make it easy to Upcycle Furniture, create interesting Decor and create mixed media art.  Rub on transfers come in different sizes that can accentuate your craft projects.  Large Rub on Furniture Decal Transfers can quickly change the whole aesthetic of you Home Decor. 

 Below are the Do and Don'ts have been created by Redesign with Prima to help you discover the best practices for applying the decals.


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