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Vibrant pink flower tear resistant decoupage tissue paper design, ideal for adding a touch of elegance and color to furniture projects

How to use Tear Resistant Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper from Redesign with Prima

Tear-Resistant Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper from ReDesign with Prima is ideal for decorating furniture and home décor pieces. This video is a great tutorial for the beginner crafter to learn some basic techniques on how to use this versatile product. 

This Decoupage Tissue Paper is high quality and thicker than other types of tissue paper. It has an almost fabric-like feel. This makes it easier to place and  reposition, giving your project longer durability. The papers are tear resistant unlike other thinner materials. This will allow for a brighter and more vibrant look and finish.

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Tan wood cabinet with green ivy and white flowers using Decor Transfers Rub on Furniture Transfers


Rub on furniture transfers from Redesign with Prima are a great way to add interest and color to upcycled furniture. These artistic furniture Décor Decals are perfect for people that are not necessarily artists but would like to get the look of hand painted Décor Art on their furniture.
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Farm animals Pigs and Rooster made with Redesign with Prima Décor Molds

(Video) 6 min - How to use ReDesign Decor Mould

How to Use the ReDesign Decor Mold  (6 min video)

Breathe new life into your furniture, frames, plaques, boxes, scrapbooks and journals with Redesign Decor Moulds. These heat resistant molds offer endless creativity with unique & detailed pieces. They are food safe. Enjoy making artistic candy, chocolate, butter, fondant, cookie dough, and more. 

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Christmas Rub on Transfer Decal from Redesign with Prima

Do's and Don't Tips for applying Rub on Transfers

Rub on Transfers make it easy to Upcycle Furniture, create interesting Decor and create mixed media art.  Rub on transfers come in different sizes that can accentuate your craft projects.  Large Rub on Furniture Decal Transfers can quickly change the whole aesthetic of you Home Decor. 

 Below are the Do and Don'ts have been created by Redesign with Prima to help you discover the best practices for applying the decals.


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Rub on Transfer decals on Tin Can using ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers

Repurpose Tin Cans with Rub On Transfers Decals

Use Rub on Transfers on Tin Cans

Rub on Transfer Decals can be used to upcycle furniture, or every day items such as the following tin cans. Your home decor can be dramatically improved by using Rub on transfers.  

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How to put Rub on Transfers onto Fabric pictures of purses

Fabric Surfaces for Rub-On Transfers

This will provide an introduction to using rub on Transfers with Fabric.
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Rub on Transfer Decals on Wood Furniture Dresser Drawer

How to Layer Rub on Transfer Decals on Wood Furniture Decor

Upcycling your wood Furniture Decor with Rub on Transfer Decals can give new life and artistic flare to tired or worn pieces.  ReDesign with Prima has created an instruction sheet on how to layer Rub on Furniture transfers on wood.
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PDF of Tips and Tricks for Rub on Furniture Transfers

Tips and Tricks (PDF) Rub on Decor Transfers

From the Manufacturer - Redesign with Prima

This is a great Tips and Tricks for How to Use Rub on Decor Transfers

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Rub on Furniture Transfer Decal applied to beautiful white desk to upcycle Furniture Decor

Step by Step - How to Apply Rub On Transfers from ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers

Instructions on how to apply ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers. These Rub On Transfers are perfect for Furniture Upcycle and other Decoupage Craft and Mixed Media Art Projects. Furniture Transfer Decals are ideas to add that perfect touch to transform your Decor and handmade art.
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Small dresser with Ivy green leaf furniture rub on transfers by Redesign with Prima

(Video) 7 Min -How to Apply Rub On Transfers

ReDesign With Prima  - Decor Transfers® (Rub On)

ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers and the perfect Rub on Transfer Decal product to apply to furniture and other  mixed media art projects.  Watch this helpful video from the manufacturer, on how to apply rub on transfers.


Link to:  SHOP Rub On Transfers

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