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Tan wood cabinet with green ivy and white flowers using Decor Transfers Rub on Furniture Transfers


Rub on furniture transfers from Redesign with Prima are a great way to add interest and color to upcycled furniture. These artistic furniture Décor Decals are perfect for people that are not necessarily artists but would like to get the look of hand painted Décor Art on their furniture.
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Christmas Rub on Transfer Decal from Redesign with Prima

Do's and Don't Tips for applying Rub on Transfers

ReDesign with Prima has prepared this helpful Do's and Don'ts List for applying Rub On Transfers.

Rub on Transfers make it easy to Upcycle Furniture, create interesting Decor and create mixed media art.  Rub on transfers come in different sizes that can accentuate your craft projects.  Large Rub on Furniture Decal Transfers can quickly change the whole aesthetic of you Home Decor. 

 Below are the Do and Don'ts have been created by Redesign with Prima to help you discover the best practices for applying the decals,


Do's & Don'ts

  • To begin, remember to remove the white backing before you begin applying you Decor Transfer, the transfers do adhere quickly, once applied they cannot be shifted.  Be sure to place it in the right position before removing the backing and placing it on your project. 
  • We recommend sealing your Decor Transfers after they are placed on your projects, with the exception of glass/mirrors.  While we do not have a preferred sealant, any water based sealant will work including a polycrylic.  Wax does not deteriorate Decor Transfers, we do not recommend oil based sealants as they may break down your transfer.
  • When applying to glass or mirrors, do not use any chemicals or harsh cleaners as this may affect the application process of the transfer.
  • Wait at least 24 hours after painting any piece to apply Decor Transfers.  Be sure the surface is clean and that any cleaner is removed to make the transfer apply smother and adhere easier.
  • Be sure to remove any dust or sanding dust from your project prior to applying your transfer.  Any dust on the surface will make it difficult for your transfer to apply smoothly. Store Decor Transfers in their tube with the lids on to prevent any dust from getting into the transfer.
  • Decor Transfers will not adhere onto waxed surfaces.  We recommend to make sure waxed surfaces have been cured after several months.
  • Be sure Decor Transfers are not being applied onto peeled paint, chips,or old varnish that can be easily scratched off.
  • If you are attempting to apply your transfer and the adhesive side has paint, the transfer has lifted your paint.  Be sure to allow time for any paint to dry prior to application for best results.
  • Do not attempt to apply sealant or wax over a transfer that is not adhering. It will not adhere even with sealants.  Be sure to follow the proper steps before adhering any transfer.
  • Prevent any air bubbles by making sure that you apply Decor Transfers evenly. Apply the transfer with the included applicator or a Decor Transfer applicator tool.  As you pull apart the clear sheet, rub the transfer pushing it softly onto the surface.
  • If you are using raw wood, barn wood ro drift wood, be sure the surfaces are cleaned thoroughly.  These woods have cracks and debris that may be hidden and prevent successful application of your transfer. We recommend water based waxes and sealants for best results.
  • We do not recommend storing Decor Transfers in warm areas as it will be damaged by heat. We also do not recommend placing your transfer in the freezer or refrigerator as this is not a recommended practice.
  • If your transfer has adhesion difficulties, you can use a proper primer then paint  the furniture surface for proper prep.
  • If you have any corners or edges that are lifting, gently paint a thin coat in the area that is lifting.  Allow 10-15 minutes and gently press your transfer. Allow it to dry for more than 1 hour.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you and lead you to successful crafting project!  For a PDF version:  Click Here


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Rub on Transfer decals on Tin Can using ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers

Repurpose Tin Cans with Rub On Transfers Decals

Use Rub on Transfers on Tin Cans

This is a really cute idea Run On Transfers to repurpose and upcycle Tin Cans.  Rub on Transfer Decals can be used to upcycle furniture, or every day items such as the following tin cans.  Your home decor can be dramatically improved by using Rub on transfers.  

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How to put Rub on Transfers onto Fabric pictures of purses

Fabric Surfaces for Rub-On Transfers

This will provide an introduction to using rub on Transfers with Fabric.

If you want to view a larger, more readable version:  Click Here

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Rub on Transfer Decals on Wood Furniture Dresser Drawer

How to Layer Rub on Transfer Decals on Wood Furniture Decor

Upcycling your wood Furniture Decor with Rub on Transfer Decals can give new life and artistic flare to tired or worn pieces.  ReDesign with Prima has created an instruction sheet on how to layer Rub on Furniture transfers on wood.
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PDF of Tips and Tricks for Rub on Furniture Transfers

Tips and Tricks (PDF) Rub on Decor Transfers

From the Manufacturer - Redesign with Prima

This is a great Tips and Tricks for How to Use Rub on Decor Transfers

Click this Link to View the image in full size:  Click Here


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Rub on Furniture Transfer Decal applied to beautiful white desk to upcycle Furniture Decor

Step by Step - How to Apply Rub On Transfers from ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers

Instructions on how to apply ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers. These Rub On Transfers are perfect for Furniture Upcycle and other Decoupage Craft and Mixed Media Art Projects. Furniture Transfer Decals are ideas to add that perfect touch to transform your Decor and handmade art.
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Small dresser with Ivy green leaf furniture rub on transfers by Redesign with Prima

(Video) 7 Min -How to Apply Rub On Transfers

ReDesign With Prima  - Decor Transfers® (Rub On)

ReDesign with Prima Decor Transfers and the perfect Rub on Transfer Decal product to apply to furniture and other  mixed media art projects.  Watch this helpful video from the manufacturer, on how to apply rub on transfers.


Link to:  SHOP Rub On Transfers

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