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Master the Art of Mixed Media with This Dragonfly Project

Master the Art of Mixed Media with This Dragonfly Project

Have you ever wanted to try a mixed media project? We're excited to present a fantastic tutorial from our special affiliate, Donna at Mason Creations etc. In this video, Donna guides us through creating a stunning dragonfly mixed media project using Dixie Belle chalk paint, Pentart paint, Rice Paper, Polyvine varnish, embossing powder, and Prima flowers. Watch the video below and follow her expert tips to master the art of decoupage.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Dragonfly Mixed Media Project

Step 1: Prepare Your Wooden Base
Start by applying a coat of Dixie Belle chalk paint in "cotton" (white) to your wooden base. The smooth, velvety finish of this paint provides a perfect foundation.

Step 2: Paint the Trim
Next, use Pentart paint in "Country Rose" to paint the trim on the top and bottom of the board. This paint offers excellent coverage, making it ideal for a project like this.

Step 3: Create a Textured Background
With a sea sponge, apply watered-down paint to create a blotchy, textured effect. Donna uses colors that match the rice paper she plans to use. Apply compact powder, country pink, country blue, and vintage green, mingling them for a harmonious look. She also uses a fan brush to splatter paint on the board.

Step 4: Apply Rice Paper
Donna prepares a piece of corrugated cardboard painted white to be the backing for her selected dragonfly rice paper. For the decoupage, spray the rice paper with water to make it pliable. Use Polyvine heavy-duty wood varnish as an adhesive, which reduces bubbles and wrinkles and is crystal clear. Brush the adhesive onto the cardboard and press the rice paper into the grooves using a smaller brush. Let the cardboard dry overnight and tear the edges to give it a ragged look.

Step 5: Emboss the Edges
Mix gold and silver embossing powders and apply them to the edges of the cardboard using metal leaf size adhesive. Use a fan brush to apply the adhesive to the edge of the cardboard so it looks ragged. Let it dry for about 30 minutes until it is clear and sticky, then apply the embossing powder.

Step 6: Stencil with Texture Paste
Place your stencil on the board and spread a mixture of texture paste and paint over it to create an elegant, textured script. Add gold and silver paint to the paste to achieve a white gold effect. As soon as you remove the stencil, sprinkle embossing powder over the paste and heat it to achieve a metallic effect. Be careful not to touch the script with the heat gun, as it will be soft and can be damaged. 

Step 7: Add Varnish and Antiquing
Seal the entire board with a coat of Polyvine heavy-duty wood varnish. After it dries, use Pentart antique paste in "umber" to add dimension and a distressed look to the bottom of the board and the edges. Apply it to the crevices and edges of the cardboard to enhance its depth and give it a slightly distressed appearance. Wipe off the excess to highlight the texture. Add a little bit of shimmer to the board by applying a white gold metallic wax to the edges. Next, apply more varnish to parts of the image and sprinkle mica flakes in a neutral champagne color to give extra sparkle.

Step 8: Embellish with Flowers and Leaves
Arrange Prima flowers and leaves on your board. Use glass bead gel to add a dewy effect to the flowers and sprinkle mica flakes for extra sparkle. Donna suggests using odd numbers and random placement when adding embellishments for a more pleasing effect. Secure everything in place with a glue gun.

Step 9: Final Touches
Add a final coat of varnish to seal your work and ensure durability. Your stunning dragonfly mixed media project is now complete!


We hope you enjoyed this detailed tutorial by Donna from Mason Creations et cetera. Her expertise and creativity make it easy for you to create beautiful decoupage projects. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get 10% off your next order from DecoupageNapkins.com. Happy crafting!