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Unveiling the Best Craft Varnish: Polyvine Decorator's Varnish, a Crafter's Dream

Unveiling the Best Craft Varnish: Polyvine Decorator's Varnish, a Crafter's Dream

Why Choose Polyvine's Decorators' Varnish?.

Are you on the lookout for the ultimate varnish to protect your craft and Furniture Upcycle projects? Seek no more. Introducing Polyvine’s Decorators' Varnish, now available at DecoupageNapkins.com. This varnish isn't just another addition to the long line of protective finishes. It's a game-changer.

In an area traditionally dominated by separate products for adhesion and sealing, Polyvine Decorator's Varnish disrupts the market by offering a combined solution.

Video footnote: "Emulsion paint" (UK) is called "Latex paint" in the USA.

For Crafters

Polyvine Decorator's Varnish is a versatile alternative to traditional Mod Podge adhesives in decoupage projects. This product streamlines the crafting process, saving you both time and money. Considering that many projects are sealed with varnish for added protection, why not use Polyvine Decorator's Varnish as both an adhesive and finish? It's an excellent choice for a range of crafts and home decor items like coasters, plaques, frames, wood cutouts, and more.

Take decorating a wood coaster as an example. In the traditional method, you'd start with a white paint base coat, then use Mod Podge to attach the napkin, adding another Mod Podge layer as a sealant. A separate varnish would be needed for extra protection.

With Polyvine Decorator's Varnish, you can enhance the visual appeal of your project in fewer steps. Once your wood piece is painted, use this all-in-one varnish to both attach the napkin and provide a protective layer. Choose from finishes like Satin, Gloss, or Dead Flat to achieve your desired sheen.

Special Mention: Wood Coasters

For items like coasters that undergo heavy use and need resistance to heat, water, and stains, consider using Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish as a finishing touch.

Furniture Upcycle Tips:

Polyvine Decorator's Varnish is the go-to for furniture, bookshelves, and other home decor. Whether you're working with latex, chalk, or clay paint, this varnish offers prolonged protection against finger marks, stains, scuffs, and color fading.

For furniture that will experience more wear and tear, add a top coat of Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish. If you require protection from outdoor elements or high UV light exposure, opt for the Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme Varnish.

Decorating your furniture with wet or rub-on transfers? Apply Polyvine's Multi-Surface Lacquer directly over the decal, and then seal it with a top coat of Polyvine Decorator's Varnish.

Customize Your Finish:

Polyvine’s Decorators' Varnish offers a range of finishes to match your vision:

  • Gloss: Achieve a gleaming, high-shine finish.
  • Satin: Deepen the look with a touch of sheen.
  • Dead Flat: For a completely shine-free surface.

Application Made Easy

Preparation is simple: ensure the surfaces are clean and free from contamination. For application, use a synthetic varnish brush to apply 2 to 3 coats. If you're working with porous surfaces, dilute the first coat slightly with water. For high-traffic areas, apply two satin coats and finish with a dead flat coat to ensure maximum durability.

Key Features:

  • Fast drying within 1-2 hours.
  • Heat, water, and stain-resistant.
  • Protects against abrasions.
  • Safe for food areas and kids.
  • Resists UV rays with its nanotechnology.
  • Ideal for various surfaces including interior wood, fabric, murals, and plaster.
  • Available in multiple sizes for all project scales.


Safety is Paramount

Although the varnish is non-hazardous, it's essential to ensure proper ventilation while using it. Always keep it out of children's reach. If it comes into contact with your eyes, rinse promptly with warm water. For additional details, please refer to the technical and safety data sheets available on each product page.

In Conclusion

When you think of "Varnish", remember the best: Polyvine’s Decorators' Varnish. It's more than just a product; it stands for quality, durability, and beauty. Every masterpiece deserves the best finish, so why wait?