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collage of a brown box being cut open being videoed by a camera for DecoupageNapkins.com

The Joy of Unboxing: DecoupageNapkins.com's Treasures Revealed

Imagine the excitement of opening a box filled with crafting treasures! In our latest blog post, we're delighted to share a video by Donna of "Mason Creations etc.", who brings this joy to life as she unveils her order from DecoupageNapkins.com.

As Donna opens the box, her enthusiasm is infectious. She first discovers beautifully crafted MDF wood cutouts, ideal as a base to any paint or decoupage project. Their smooth surface and intricate designs immediately capture your imagination, suggesting endless creative possibilities.

Next, she gives a sneak peak of our soon to be released round napkins, which are perfect for reverse decoupage. These aren't just ordinary napkins; their unique shape and exquisite patterns make them perfect for creating standout pieces. Donna's excitement grows as she envisions the stunning projects these napkins will inspire. (Round and die-cut napkins will be available by mid-January at DecoupageNapkins.com. So check back often.)

The rice papers are a highlight. Known for their exceptional quality and striking designs, they promise to transform ordinary items into works of art. Donna holds them up, admiring the vibrant colors and detailed imagery, already planning her next masterpiece.  She showcases various designs from our friends at ITD Collection and Decoupage Paper Designs. Our store offers thousands of patterns from popular brands such as Ciao Bella, Stamperia, Decoupage Queen, Paper Designs Italy and Decoupage Central, rounding out our extensive collection.

Then, there's the Polyvine Heavy Duty Wood Varnish. This isn't just a varnish; it's a promise of durability and protection for your cherished creations. Donna appreciates its importance in ensuring her projects last and retain their beauty over time.

Finally, there are paints, crackle, Die Cuts and antique pastes along with metallic wax rubs. These aren't mere embellishments; they're the secret to adding depth and character to any piece. These products can turn a simple project into something truly special.

Donna's joy in discovering each item is a reminder of the magic in crafting. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this unboxing experience will surely inspire you to embark on your own decoupage journey. Join us and Donna in celebrating the art of decoupage, and find your next favorite crafting item at DecoupageNapkins.com.