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wooden riser with beautiful wine themed Decoupage Rice Paper from Decoupagenapkins.com

Creating a Beautiful DIY Kitchen Riser with Decoupage Paper

Here is a charming DIY project that combines the simplicity of woodworking with the elegance of Decoupage Paper. Our focus: a gorgeous kitchen riser, perfect for adding a touch of personalized style to your space. A special shoutout to Donna from "Mason Creations etc." for her invaluable expertise!

Getting Started

Firstly, we'll need a wooden tray. Decoupagenapkins.com offers an excellent selection of wooden bases, ideal for this project. Opt for a tray that's pre-sanded to save time. 

Painting and Sanding

Begin by applying a base coat of vintage white paint to your tray. Once dry, gently sand the edges for a smooth surface. This step is crucial for achieving that rustic charm.

Creating Woodgrain Effect

For a woodgrain effect, use medium and dark brown paints. Dilute the paint for a lighter coverage, aiming to let the white undercoat peek through. This technique will give your riser a realistic wooden look.

Preparing for Decoupage

Remember, the top of the tray is where the magic happens. Keep it light-colored as a base for your decoupaged images. Dark backgrounds can alter the look of your decoupage paper, making images appear muddy.

Now it's Time to Decoupage

Decoupagenapkins.com has an amazing selection of rice papers and napkins for your decoupage needs. Choose a design that resonates with your style. When applying, tear the paper rather than cutting for a more blended look. Use a quality decoupage adhesive like Polyvine decorators varnish, which also acts as a sealant.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Once your decoupage is in place and dry, consider adding metal trims for an extra flair. You can also create a custom sign from clay, painted to match your design. For a cohesive look, use similar paints and techniques on the sign as on the riser.

Sealing and Protecting

Finish your project with a heavy-duty varnish. This step is especially important if your riser will be used in the kitchen, where heat and moisture resistance are key. For maximum protection try our Polyvine Heavy Duty Extreme varnish.

Personal Touches

Lastly, add any personal touches that speak to your style. This could be additional paint effects, stenciling, or even a bit of distressing for an aged look.

A huge thank you to Donna at Mason Creations, etc. for her expertise in bringing this project to life. Her guidance was instrumental in creating a beautiful and functional kitchen riser. Donna has over 100 videos on her Youtube channel.

Remember, all the products used in this project can be found at Decoupagenapkins.com. We have over 7,000 products, including Decoupage Paper, paints, stencils, and more. Our store is a go-to resource for any crafting enthusiast.

Happy crafting, and here's to adding a personal touch to your kitchen décor!