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festive Mixed Media angel ornament with gold angel, red ribbon festive greens using Polyvine Decorator Varnish

Festive DIY Delight: Crafting an Angel Ornament for the Holiday Season

We're thrilled to feature a special project from Donna at Mason Creations, one of our very talented affiliates. Join us as we dive into her exciting mixed media tutorial for creating a delightful Angel Christmas Ornament, perfect for the holiday season. This tutorial is not only a treasure trove of artistic techniques but also showcases some of the fantastic products available at Decoupagenapkins.com.

Starting Off with a Simple Plastic Ornament
The project begins with a basic plastic ornament, transformed into a piece of art. The ornament is first coated in an elegant antique bronze paint, requiring two layers to achieve a perfect finish. Next, she adds texture and depth with a crackle medium, topped with vintage white paint, creating a mesmerizing crackle effect that reveals the beautiful bronze underneath.

Sealing with Polyvine Decorators Varnish
A key product in this project is the Polyvine Decorators Varnish. This varnish is not just a sealer; it's a protective layer offering resistance against heat, water, and UV rays. It's ideal for ensuring that your festive creations can bask in sunlight without fear of fading, adding a glossy finish that enhances the ornaments' overall appearance.

Adding a Vintage Touch
To add a nostalgic feel, Donna embellishes the ornament with music note paper, aged with brown ink for a vintage look. This is sealed again with the reliable Polyvine Decorators Varnish, ensuring longevity and durability.

Products from Decoupagenapkins.com
Donna then brings in some exceptional products from Decoupagenapkins.com. A white pearl wax rub from our collection is used to give a soft, creamy finish to the paper. This product, along with our vast selection of over 6500 items like Decoupage papers, rub-on transfers, molds, and an array of paints, adds a unique charm to the project.

Creating Decorative Details
The video guides you through creating adorable angels and foliage using molds and the versatile Delight air dry clay - another gem from our product range. She also introduces a novel product for flexibility in crafting - the Texture Paste (opaque matte), perfect for molding delicate foliage.

Antiquing and Highlighting
Each piece, from the angels to the foliage, is carefully painted and antiqued, with wax rubs employed for highlighting, giving each detail a touch of elegance and depth.

The Final Assembly
As Donna assembles the ornament, every layer and element comes together to form a stunning Christmas decoration. The use of glass bead gel adds a frosty, icy effect, symbolizing the winter season, available right here at Decoupagenapkins.com.

A Sparkle of Festivity
And to add that holiday sparkle, Donna mixes Polyvine special glitter with varnish, giving the ornament a subtle, magical shimmer.

This video is not just a tutorial; it's a journey through the art of decoupage and ornament crafting, utilizing some of the best products from Decoupagenapkins.com. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this project is sure to inspire and add a touch of festive charm to your holiday decor.

Watch, Learn, and Create
We invite you to watch this delightful tutorial by Donna at Mason Creations and embark on your own crafting adventure. Don’t forget to check out the wide range of products mentioned in the video, available on our website. Let’s spread the holiday cheer with this adorable Angel Christmas Ornament!

Happy crafting, and may your holidays be merry and bright! 🎄✨